Waiting for the Sun

Monday, December 31, 2007

Tomorrow: It's Your Choice...

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die.

Update 12.21.06

I just read this article in US & News & World Report's December 25, 2006 issue, "Truth or Fiction? It's Hard to Tell". I'm not the only one Predicting Interesting Times for the Commonwealth of the United States ;-)

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source: Washington Whispers, http://www.usnews.com/usnews/politics/washingtonwhispers/061217/truth_or_fiction_its_hard_to_t.htm

Truth or Fiction? It's Hard to Tell

Here's the scene: A conservative president, say President Bush, is getting ready to be replaced by a liberal, say Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, after a crisis like something worse than 9/11. The nation's national security team is worried that the nation is going to pot. So much so that the heads of a 400-person "supermilitia" created to overthrow governments on behalf of Washington move in to dump Bush, stop Clinton's ascension, and rebuild the nation.

Crazy? No, it's just the premise of America's Last Days, a new political thriller out next month and already being looked at by Hollywood.

Author Douglas MacKinnon, a former Pentagon, Reagan, and Bush aide, says it rings true. His scenarios were so real—"many of the people are at least partially based on real D.C. individuals who we all know"—he felt compelled to show intelligence officials, and they nixed some as too lifelike.

And the part about getting rid of a president? MacKinnon recalls boozy talk during his Pentagon days about sidelining President Clinton. Despite his pedigree, the book takes on both political camps, which may explain the bipartisan lineup of those crowing about it, like former Sen. Bob Dole and James Carville.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

About this Novel


I thought I would Blog this Novel while I write in order to get some Ideas from the US Commonwealth & you Folks around the World that We Impact.

Unfortunately, I am unable to Reverse the Posts on this Blog; therefore, I have notate each Entry by Chapter & Subchapter as "1.1, 1.2, 1.3,...". I hope this format works for Everybody.


Monday, November 20, 2006

1.3: Mr. President

Finally, the Decision came down from the Supreme Court-- John Franklin Carmichael was the Designated President Elect and He was to be Sworn In as the 44th President of the United States in January 2009.

Chuck Knowles, assigned Special Advisor to the President, tracked the President down on his Horse Ranch in Northwest Florida. The President was doing what he liked to do best-- Goof Off and Smell the Flowers. John Carmichael was a well read man and history buff, and he borrowed a habit from Lyndon Johnson-- with a Modified Dixie Cup.

LBJ enjoyed getting away from the Secret Service and pretty much-- everybody else. He would drive his Lincoln like a Madman behind the wheel of a Land Rover in the Serengeti with a little something in a Dixie Cup. Most the Times it was just plain old beer, but nobody will ever know about the others times because Lyndon was forbidden by his Doctor to Enjoy such Things in Life after his Heart attack.

Chuck found the President Elect sitting by one of his streams that came from the many clear springs on his ranch. John was just in another world watching things of nature go by and ripple the water before him. By his side as usual was his trusted companion... a beat up Old cooler with a Few Necessities within. In it you could find some Ice & a couple of cans of Diet Sprite... and a Few Beers-- maybe a Spare Plastic blue cup, if your Lucky. Sometimes you could find a bottle of the Finest Branch Water Bourbon inside to.. if there was enough room with the Ice and all. Otherwise, the bottle was found nearby in a non-disclosed brown paper bag-- keeping up appearances, so they say.

Chuck admired Mr. Carmichael greatly. He had been a mentor & a good friend for many years. He paused a bit to take in that Kodak moment of the Friend & Now President of the United States, sipping whiskey & diet sprite by a stream watching Nature's fowl & fish.

Chuck choked a bit has he called out for his friend, "John... John!"

"Hey, Chuckie. Wassup?"

Now standing over the President with the Sun in his eyes, "It's over, John." Placing a hand above his eyes-- almost in a Salute position, Chuck shift his position and said, "It's Time Mr. President..."

"Damn... This always happens to me-- I just Got Here, Chuck! ... and Now, I have to call in the Troops."

The President brings the Blue cup to his lips and takes in a bitter-sweet sip of fine branch water bourbon & diet sprite. Squints over the stream and proclaims, Okay, Chuck... Lets Go!... Dam it..."

"Can I help you with the Cooler, Mr. President?"

John leans over & tugs at the handle, "Nawh, I've got it. Chuck, get on the Horn and Fly everybody in... it's time for the most serious planning session they have ever had in their lives. And Chuck, no excuses... tell'em to come Now!"

Just then Chuck's cell phone went off, "Chuck, President Bush is on the Line. What do we do with him?".

"Mr. President, the Bushca is on the line... you wanna take it here or wait?"

John grins, "Ahhhh... I've been waiting for quite a long time. Lets let Senor Bushca wait on Me". Chuck relays, "The President Elect will be at the Big house soon... he is Fishing at the Moment. Tell him that he will call him back in a little while."

The President throws the cooler in the back of his restore 80s Grand Jeep Cherokee, "Chuck, I'll Race ya back to the House!" Under his breathe Chuck murmurs, "Oh, Shit! Not again!"

Monday, November 13, 2006

1.2: 21st Century: On the Wrong Foot

The 20th Century went Out with a Bang! Within Six Months of the 21st Century the United States & Our G8 Allies Experienced an Extreme Reversal of Fortune due to the IT Stock Market Crash.

September 11, 2001 the United States Mainland was Attacked by Extremist Hijackers. War was Declared on Afghanistan on October 2001. Later, another War was Declared on Iraq on March 2003. Meanwhile, an Economic War Spearheaded by the Far East had already Begun and was Well Underway, but not yet fully Realized by the Commonwealth of the United States until 2nd Quarter 2004.

By this Time, The War on Terror Spread Far & Wide, Domestically & Internationally by the United States & Some of Our G8 Allies. Great Sums of US Treasure approaching a Trillion dollars have been Exhausted during the Pursuit of Terrorist & their Supporters.

The Commonwealth Middle Class began to Shrink.

Domestic Economic Ramifications where Projected on the Financial Horizons of 2006 & 2010. The Strong, Unprecedented Housing marketed was Projected to Peek & Collapse around the Year 2006. The Final Juggernaut was to occur Near the Year of 2010-- Complete Global Economic Collapse of the Western Industrialized Nations. A Financial Regime Change-- a Coup d'état by the Foreign Financial Cabals.

Thus Far, the Projected Timing of the 2006 Housing Bubble Collapse is Currently On-Time. Depending on Part of the Housing Projection can it Delay or Summon Rapidly the 2010 Projection. The Federal Reserve Chairman of Long Standing, Semi-Retired on January 31, 2006 and Started an International Consulting Practice.

Regardless of the Timing, To Be Prepared is Much, Much Better than To Be Caught Off Guard... This is Very different than the Attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, but the Desperation & Intensity Will be the Same... and Global Warming continues to Loom over the Horizon.

On November 18, 2008 John Franklin Carmichael (I) of the Roosevelt Party was Elected President of the United States after all the Recounts where Validated by the Supreme Court.

John Carmichael is a well known Private Investor & Billionaire. He has been characterized as the Next Howard Hughes because of his Management Style and Diverse Investment interests.

The Question was More like, "Is Washington, DC Ready for President Carmichael?", than most previous President Elects.

Rememberance of a Great American President

President Speaks To The Nation, FDR 1933/05/08 (1933)

President Reports To Nation On Recovery 1934/06/27 (1934)

FDR Sees Fear Vanishing, 1935/04/29 (1935)

Pres. Roosevelt Urges National Unity, 1938/11/07 (1938)

President Buys First Bond, 1941/05/01 (1941)

Today's Patriot Bonds

The Roosevelt Party of 2008

Franklin and Winston: An Epic Friendship

A Roosevelt America

We Swore as a Nation...
That Pearl Harbor Would Never Happen Again...
November 4, 2000 It Did Happen Again... Silently-- without a Single Shot Fired!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

1.1: Winding Down

When the Campaign Trail began to Wind Down in October 2008, a Spectacular Moment was captured at the Westin Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The Presidential Election was a Tight Race and only Time would Tell who Came out of the Process the Victor.

John Carmichael was Closing the Evening with another Rally Speech before his Campaign volunteers. At the End of this Rally Speech though, John felt a Rush come Over him & Around him... and he just Went with It and Said,

"... I have Something to Say that I want all of you to Reflect On and Keep Close to your Heart at all Times.

When a Child is born it doesn't necessarily perceive the distance between time very well. Pretty much time for the Child is dictated by frequent Hunger Pains. But when the Doors of Perception are Open, the Child will awake with the Sun for the Entire length of His or Her Lifespan... which can be Short if you don't live at the Right place at the Right Time on this Planet.

The Sun comes up with every Dawn... 365 days a Year. We don't know exactly how long our Sun has been doing this, but we feel pretty confident that it will be around for a few more Centuries at least.

Mankind is Forced to Witness the Dawn for as long as he or she Breathes, but there is a Choice or a State of Being that determines whether Mankind Greets or... Waits for the Sun. There is a Huge difference between the One who anxiously Greets the Dawn to the Tortured One that merely Waits for the Dawn in Dread, or in Apathy, or worse... Fear.

Somewhere in the Middle there is Hope-- Hope to be Fulfilled when that Perfect Dawn Rises.

In the End of our Lives... We come to Realize & Evaluate Ourselves and Wonder if we ever Truly Witness a Perfect Dawn in our Lives, and Grade our Existence accordingly before we Shuffle off this Planet & Return to the Soil. If we can't Recall seeing a Perfect Dawn, did anybody else See One? Most likely a Good Many Few did... at Your Expense."

The Room remained silent for a few minutes as the Crowd digested what had just been served to them. John paused a few seconds to capture the Moment at the Podium & slowly canvassed the Faces of the audience before exiting the Stage and Returning to his Suite. It Felt good-- it was a solid piece of Inspiration and he was glad that he let the Speech Flow as it did.

Yesterday's gone and Today will Catch up with Yesterday... and Tomorrow has yet to be Seen.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Just a Few Images to Reflect On & Inspire...